Top 5 Best Chess Apps for Android (Free to Play)

Chess is one of the oldest strategy board games to exist. In fact, humans have been playing chess, and other versions of it, for over 1,400 years!

In this digital age, the popularity of chess didn’t diminish in any way. People from all over the world gather and play in chess tournaments and competitions.

That said, you no longer need a physical chessboard to enjoy a chess game. Technology has provided convenient ways to hone our skills in this classic board game.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably looking for the best chess apps to hone your skills. Look no further, for here are the top 5 chess apps for android that are entirely free to play:

  1. Chess by AI Factory Limited
  2. Lichess by Mobile 1
  3. Chess Live by Italic Games
  4. 3D Chess Game by A Trillion Games LTD
  5. Chess – Play and Learn by

1. Chess by AI Factory Limited

The Chess app by AI Factory Limited has always been my go-to when playing chess on my phone. It’s free, and it offers brilliant features despite being lightweight software.

There are two modes you can choose in Chess: pro and casual. This option makes the game friendly for both intermediate and novice players.

What I like most about this app is the 12 levels of difficulty in its single-player mode. This way, you can play against an AI with different elo points to match your mastery level.

You can try the practice mode if you’re still learning the game rules. There’s also a tutor option, where the app teaches you how to move certain pieces while playing the game.

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Want to share the fun and have a friendly competition with your friends? A local match option is available in multiplayer mode, and it lets you play with other people on the same device.

Finally, the app allows you to access an online multiplayer mode if you sign in to your Google account. You can compete and have fun with other chess players online from anywhere in the world in real-time!

2. Lichess by Mobile 1

Lichess is the best app I recommend for people that are into chess rankings and competitions. World champions like Magnus Carlsen, chess masters, and grandmasters play on this platform!

One of the best things about Lichess is it’s completely free and with no ads! So, you can enjoy and compete without worrying about pesky ads popping up and messing up your rhythm.

There are four modes of setup you can choose from in Lichess. You can play blitz, bullet, classical, or correspondence chess with other players.

As an online chess ranking platform, Lichess will rank your performance with elo points. Winning a game with another player wins you elo points while losing means a deduction.

Play well, and you can challenge the best players in the world! Search the player’s username, and click the “clashing sword” icon to invite your opponent.

Here’s a tip to quickly improve your chess skills in Lichess: hire a coach. Yes, hiring a chess teacher is possible, so you can learn while you play!

3. Chess Live by Italic Games

Chess Live is another contender for the best chess app for android I found in the Google play store. Its pleasing chessboard design and sound effects compelled me to install it.

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Two modes are currently available in Chess Live: single-player and multiplayer competition. Its AI opponents make for some of the best training sessions!

There are five levels of AI difficulty in the single-player mode. Plus, you can freely move from one to five to match the engine with your chess skill level.

Of course, as the name of the app suggests, you can play with other players live online. It allows you to play with friends or random players from different areas.

You can even communicate with your opponent through chat while playing. You can also change the design of the chess pieces and chess board as you like.

4. 3D Chess Game by A Trillion Games LTD

If we’re talking about design, 3D Chess Game offers gorgeous chess pieces and chess boards. Its sound effects and animations make for the most realistic on-screen chess game experience.

What made me love this chess app is its highly customizable features. With over 12 different chess pieces and chessboard presets, you’ll never get bored looking at the chessboard.

Aside from the aesthetics, you can also customize the game itself. While playing, you can pause, rewind, review, edit the chess piece locations, and resume.

You can even alter the chess rules however you like! Have fun playing around with friends using different chess pieces and your own set of rules.

Currently, the game offers 25 levels of difficulty in its AI engine opponent. It’s an excellent chess app for novices and casual players looking for a gradual build-up of challenges.

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5. Chess – Play and Learn by

If you’re new to chess, installing’s chess app may be the best way to improve your overall skills.

With Chess – Play and Learn, you can enjoy playing chess online with its massive player base. Currently, they have over 120 million users worldwide.

There are several modes in this chess app: Fischer random, blitz, puzzle rush, bullet chess, and blindfold chess. Join tournaments and pave the way toward world champions.

The app offers over 150,000 chess puzzles to improve chess tactics and problem-solving. You can solve the puzzles with your chess friends and level up together.

What I like most about this app is the chess lessons, videos, and tutorials, made by chess masters. What better way to learn other than from the experts themselves?

You can join the online community and meet players from all over the world in different classes. The app also features new and enjoyable chess articles for avid chess enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

There’s no arguing that chess is one of the best board games invented. For this reason, chess fans have always been interested in convenient ways to enhance their skills.

Fortunately, you can easily enhance your chess moves with the help of your smartphone. Try and install the top 5 best chess apps for android we listed above and enjoy!