Top 5 Best Chess Apps to Play With Friends

Did you know that Chess was first introduced in 6th century India? The platforms were slightly different, but it demonstrates how famous chess was throughout history.

We’ve come a long way since then, and the game is still as popular as ever. Thanks to computers and the internet, we can readily enjoy a chess game or two with our friends while only using our cell phone screens.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably a chess fan looking for the best software to play with fellow chess lovers. Well, stick with me, and take a look at the top 5 chess apps to play with friends.

Here are the 5 best chess apps to play with friends:

  1. Lichess
  2. Chess Time Live
  3. Social Chess
  4. Chess Free
  5. Chessboard offline 2 player

1. Lichess (iOS, Android, Desktop)

Taking up the number one spot on our list is Lichess, a free-to-play chess app. They also have a website of the same name with the same features.

The best thing about the Liches app is it allows players in any country to play in real-time. If you’re good enough, you can even play with chess masters and grandmasters.

The game has an internal rating system that records your performance. All these features are present in a chess game that’s absolutely free with no ads!

After downloading the app, the system will ask you to create your account. Once you’re signed in, it will show your dashboard, where you can see your profile and current rating.

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Your initial rating will be 1500 elo points. To level up, you would need to play with other players online in-game and win—you lose elo points if you lose.

Finally, you can play with anyone you like using the “play with a friend” button. You can also improve your chess skills by entering online tournaments, joining community forums, or hiring a chess coach directly in the app!

2. Chess Time Live (Android, iOS)

Coming off second on our list is the Chess Time Live app. It’s excellent free chess software available for both Android and iOS users.

Like the Lichess app, Chess Time Live uses a real-time setup for its players. So, you can play anywhere and anytime with anyone from all over the world.

Are you looking for a challenging chess session with your fellow players? Chess Time Live offers different chess settings, including instant bullet, blitz, and quick games.

One great feature of this app is its rating graph, a system that tracks and records all your games. It allows you to trace your improvements over time.

The app will also let you replay previous games from your playing history. This way, you can review your moves and keep improving as you go.

You can even chat with your friends and opponents while playing! So, you can have fun, learn, and make new friends with people having the same passion for chess.

Finally, Chess Time Live allows you to create a list of chess buddies. Add your friends and family and enjoy a quick chess game anytime and anywhere.

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3. Social Chess (Android, iOS)

For players who aren’t into the competition and uptight skill ranking systems of Lichess and Chess Time Live, I recommend trying Social Chess.

Unlike other chess apps, Social Chess offers a smaller, novice-friendly community. It’s the perfect pick for casual players who simply want to enjoy the game with friends.

One thing I particularly like about Social Chess is its convenient interface. It allows you to create and modify a chess game any way you want.

You can set the time, difficulty level, and even the player you want to play. It’s also offering a cheap annual subscription for game features, such as game analysis.

4. Chess Free (Android, iOS)

If you’re looking for a lightweight chess app, Chess Free by AI Factory Limited might be your best choice. This mobile application only weighs 25MB, playable on Android and iOS.

Despite its size, Chess Free offers a fun chess experience that doesn’t skimp on features. In fact, it’s been one of the most popular chess apps in the Google Play Store for years—with over 50 million downloads as of currently.

There are two modes available in the game: pro and casual. So, you can easily pick up the game even if you’re a beginner at chess.

Single and multiplayer options are available that let you play alone or with friends offline or online. It’s a great app to carry around if you don’t have a physical chessboard.

Here’s another feature I like about Chess Free: there are 12 levels of AI opponents (from novice to expert) to choose from in the single mode. This way, you can match your mastery and your opponent’s.

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There’s also a feature in the app that lets you save your game progress. So, in case of interruptions, you can pause the game and continue the next time.

Finally, the app’s Chess Tutor can analyze your game and teach you while playing. Rankings and leaderboards are available once you sign in to your Google account.

5. Chess Board Offline 2 Player (Android)

Chess Board Offline 2 Player is an outstanding chess app for casual players. The game’s design is specifically for an offline two-player chess match.

One highlight of this free chess app is its customizable gameplay. You can even set a timer to up the challenge for you and your opponent.

What I like about this app is that it allows you to save your game in PGN format. PGN stands for portable game notation, a recording of all your moves in a game.

If you have your saved PGN file, you can export it to any chess software. It enables you to save, carry, and continue the game whenever and on whatever chess platform is available!

Chess Board Offline 2 Player boasts simple graphics and aesthetics of the chessboard. One thing to note, however, is that it doesn’t have a ranking system yet.

Final Thoughts

Chess is a millennia-old strategic board game that captured the hearts of millions. Try and install the apps listed above, and share your love for the chessboard with your family and friends!