Rafael Vaganian Biography

Rafael Artemovich Vaganian, born on October 15, 1951, in Yerevan, Armenian SSR, Soviet Union, is an Armenian chess player who holds the title of grandmaster (GM).

He achieved his GM title in 1971 at the age of 19, following an excellent result at the Vrnjacka Banja tournament the same year. Vaganian was Soviet champion in 1989.

Career Highlights

World Student Team Championship

  • Won the World Student Team Championship in 1974, where he scored 10/11 and took the board one prize.

Soviet Union and Armenia National Teams

  • Represented the Soviet Union and then Armenia in team competitions, such as the Olympiads and European Team Chess Championships.

Calvia Olympiad

  • Took team bronze and individual gold for best performance on board three at the 2004 Calvia Olympiad.

Playing Style

Rafael Vaganian is described as a player with great natural gifts and known for his sharp tactical style of play. 

His playing style is often associated with great positional chess, as evidenced by his elegant Nimzowitschian-style win with Black over Rustemov in the Bundesliga in 2007. 

Additionally, Vaganian is known for his involvement in the development of the Trompowsky Attack, specifically the Vaganian Gambit, which is characterized by the move 4.Nc3.

While specific details about his playing style are not extensively documented, his notable games and tournament performances provide insights into his tactical and positional skills.

Vaganian’s games and achievements reflect a versatile and adaptable playing style, allowing him to excel in various types of positions and tactical scenarios.

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