Top 10 Best Unique Chess Sets In 2024

Unique chess sets are appealing to the eye and add a touch of excitement to the game. They are mostly used for decorative purposes such as inside the home, but they can also be used for playing chess despite some of the pieces having a totally different look than the standard pieces used in tournaments. 

In this article, we will take a look at the 10 best unique chess sets. These were chosen based on reviews, feedback and ratings from actual customers. Not to mention their outstanding designs. 

Here are the 10 best unique chess sets in 2023:

  1. Unique Pokemon Chess Set
  2. Unique Resin Modern Chess Set
  3. Unique Rustic Chess Set With Natural Edges
  4. Rollup Unique Chess Set
  5. Unique King Arthur Chess Set
  6. Unique Alice In Wonderland Chess Set
  7. Unique Handmade Wooden Chess Board
  8. Unique Greek Mythology Chess Set
  9. Unique HP Wizard Chess Set With Chessboard
  10. Palladin Wooden Chess Set

Best Unique Chess Sets

1. Unique Pokemon Chess Set

There is probably no one among us who do not watch and love Pokemon. This chess board is beautifully  handmade out of wood. Pokemon figures are made of plastic with 3d drawing. Pokemon figures are 5-10 cm in height. It is ideal for adults and especially children. 


Board size:

  • 14.17” (36cm) breadth
  • 14.17” (36cm) length

Chess piece size:

  • 3.93”(10cm)
  • 1.96”(5cm)


  • Handmade
  • Materials: 3D, Wooden, Plastic
  • Colour of pieces: black and white

PRICE (with board and pieces): $152.91 USD

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2. Unique Resin Modern Chess Set

Introducing the custom handmade chess board. This high-quality chess board is mounted onto wood for extra durability, each chess piece has a felt cushioned base to avoid any surface scratches whilst playing.

It’s a 28x28cm resin chess board, with contrasting chess pieces to match. Includes 30×30 Wooden storage box. You can select between teel and black for the colored pieces. Or, choose a custom color of your likening at a higher cost.

This incudes: Black, white, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, pink, purple, silver, gold, copper.

You are allowed to choose one metallic flake color and 1 glitter color. 

PRICE: $118.17 USD or $136.83 USD for custom color

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3. Unique Rustic Chess Set With Natural Edges

This a lovely unique hand made chess set. The board and the pieces are olive wood. The pieces are individually hand carved, sure to become the focal point wherever you put it.

A great deal of fine workmanship went into carving the chess board, and each individual game piece. A handy feature are the two little drawers on opposite ends of the board for storing the chess pieces inside as well as special items you prefer.


The 12 inch chess board:

  • Long : 31 cm= 12 inches
  • Wide : 31 cm = 12 inches
  • Playing area: 15 cm = 5.8 inches
  • Playing square: 0.71 Inch / 1.8 cm
  • High: 3 Inch / 7.5 cm

The 14 inch chess board (current listing photo):

  • Long : 14 inch / 35 cm
  • Wide : 14 inch /35 cm
  • Playing area : 8 inch / 20 cm
  • Playing square: 0.99 Inch / 2.5 cm
  • High : 3.2 inch / 8 cm

The 16.5 inch chess board:

  • Long : 16.5 Inch / 42 cm
  • Wide : 16.5 Inch / 42 cm
  • Playing area : 9.8 Inch / 25 cm
  • Playing square: 1.18 Inch / 3 cm
  • High: 4 Inch / 10 cm

The 20 inch chess board:

  • Long : 20 Inch / 50 cm
  • Wide : 20 Inch / 50 cm
  • Playing area : 12.6 Inch / 32 cm
  • Playing square: 1.6 Inch / 4 cm
  • High: 4 Inch / 10 cm


  • Handmade
  • Material: Olive wood
Note: Measurements are approximate, as the wood is irregular. 

PRICE: Varies based on the size of the board (FREE shipping included)

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4. Rollup Unique Chess Set

The HappyWoods chessboard is a unique foldable chess board. It is a beautiful board to have at home or offer as a gift. The chess board is handmade, has a smart design and it is foldable in its entirety. It comes with a handy storage compartment for chess pieces, so that you will never experience problems with chess pieces lying around.
Thus luxurious chess set is an ideal gift for yourself or your loved ones.


The full board Square :
1- 16cm x 16cm (6.3 Inch x 6.3 Inch) ±2%
2- 22cm x 22 cm (8.6 Inch x 8.6 Inch) ±2%
3- 36cm x 36cm (14.2 Inch x 14.2 Inch) ±2%


  • Handmade
  • Materials: wood
  • Brand: HappyWoods
  • Handmade in Tunisia
  • Each piece is hand carved by skilled artisans.

PRICE: $44.04 to $73.39 (varies on size of board)

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5. Unique King Arthur Chess Set

Each chess piece is handmade by skilled artisans. The history behind every piece will make you feel like your are in the 20th century playing the game.

The elegant and vintage look of the pieces allow you to use them as home decoration. You can show off your chess set in various ways.

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It’s up to you to present the fine fabric in the interior storage or the high-quality wood board. While playing with the chess set you will feel like fighting a tactical war in the ancient times. You can choose from the choice of figurines: warriors from ancient Ottoman or warriors from ancient Britannia.


Chess Set Material : Solid Wood Chess Board, Polyester Hand-Painted Chessmen

Chess Set Size:

  • Board 38cm x 38cm (15″)
  • King Figure 8.5cm (3.35″)


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Solid Wood Chess Board, Polyester HandPainted Chessmen

PRICE: $243.23 

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6. Unique Alice In Wonderland Chess Set

This listing is for a brand new Alice in Wonderland chess set and unlike many chess sets, this set has a completely different set of characters for each side.

The pieces are made in the classic illustration design and wonderfully detailed.

The Red Side:

– Queen: Alice herself.
– King: The Knave of Hearts.
– Bishop: The Mad Hatter.
– Knight: The ‘white’ Knight.
– Rook: Humpty Dumpty.
– Pawns: The ‘white’ Rabbit.

The Sandstone Side:

– Queen: The Queen of Hearts.
– King: The King of Hearts.
– Bishop: The March Hare.
– Knight: The Door Mouse in his Teapot.
– Rook: Tweedledee or perhaps Tweedledum.
– Pawns: The Queens Soldiers.

The set comes with two extra queens for those of you who are lucky enough to get a pawn all the way down to the other end of the board and don’t want to scrabble around looking for something to use as an extra queen.


Each set is hand cast, painted, stained and lacquered to give a durable high quality result yet still retaining a certain ceramic and antique finish.


Unless you specify otherwise the colours for these pieces are Antique Red for the dark and Aged Sandstone for the light. If you would prefer deep walnut or jet black instead of the red, or the stone, then you can reach out to the manufacturer here.

In fact, you can mix and match any of these colours if you like. The king is a tad over 3 inches in height and the set, unpacked, weighs approx 1.3KG and would suit a board with squares approx 1.5 inches or more. The board in the photo has 2.25 inch squares.

PRICE: $78.37 – $84.59

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7. Unique Handmade Wooden Chess Board

This Chess Set is the perfect gift for the chess enthusiast. This classic and handmade chess set is personalized with the name of your choice, making it a unique gift that is sure to be cherished.

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The chess board is made of high-quality wood and the chess pieces made from walnut and beechwood. This chess set is perfect for hours of challenging and fun gameplay.


  • Board comes in 4 different sizes: 30″, 40″, 50″, and 60″
  • Material: Beech wood

Chess set includes:

– 32 playing pieces, made of beech and walnut wood, with velvet fabric applied to the bottom of each piece,
– Wooden box included to store the chess pieces in


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Board made from beechwood, game pieces made from beechwood, all metal details cast from brass

PRICE: $159.200 – $440.00 (Prices varies based on size of board selected)

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8. Unique Greek Mythology Chess Set

Are you a lover of Greek mythology? If yes, then you will definitely find this chess set appealing. The shape is rounded and handmade. The board and pieces are made out of Alabaster. Alabaster is a mineral or rock that is soft, often used for carving, and is processed for plaster powder.



  • Board diameter: 39 cm – 15.3 inches
  • King: Zeus – Height: 10.5 cm
  • Queen: Venus – Height: 10 cm
  • Bishop: Hercules
  • Knight: Centaurus
  • Pawn: Atlas – Height: 6.5 cm

PRICE: $299.01 

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9. Unique HP Wizard Chess Set With Chessboard

This Wizard chess set is completely made of environmentally friendly PLA material plastic.
There are 3 different color and board options in the Wizard Chess set, which is produced by ZenTR.


Wizard chess set Board Dimensions Respectively:

  • Small : 11.8 X 11.8 Inch
  • Big : 14.1 X 14.1 Inch
  • Personalized: 14.1 X 14.1 Inches
  • Extra Heavy : 14.1 X 14.1 Inches
  • Paint Your Own: 14.1 X 14.1 Inches

King length
Small Board: 3-3.5 inch
Big ,Personalized , Extra Heavy Board : 4.2 – 4.8 inch

Note from the Manufacturers: “In paint your own variation, no paint is added to the set. We want to give you the opportunity to paint your own product, along with acrylic paints and paint brushes. Definitely don’t forget to send us the final version of your product”. (You can reach out to them here.)

The names of the 2 players you specify in the Personalied Board option in the Wizard chess set are produced with plastic nameplates and sent to you to be mounted on the Wizard Chess Set .

The chess boards are produced with marble-like varnish coating and are not harmful to health. The chess boards are in the form of a collapsible chest and are shipped in pieces. 

PRICE: $149.85 – $369.76

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10. Palladin Wooden Chess Set

Natural wood of the Carpathian Mountains was used to make these chess pieces. Nothing compares to a beautiful tree. Surprise your family or friends with this exclusive gift. You can buy only the chess pieces or the pieces together with the chessboard.


  • King height – 5 inches (12.5cm).
  • Pawn height – 3.8 inches (9.5cm)
  • Diameter of the base of chess pieces – 1,6 inches (4cm).

PRICE: $257.40 – $472.50

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