What Does Playing Chess Say About You? 8 Traits

Many people associate chess with intelligence, persistence, and drive. Some people may even say that chess players are nerdy. Yet, there’s so much more to it than we realize.

So, what does playing chess say about you?

Today, we’ll talk about the interesting implications of playing chess. We’ll also touch on how loving the game is intertwined with your personality. Read on to find out!

1. You’re Smart or You Like to Pretend to Be

Everybody knows that chess players are smart, or are they?

Many believe that chess is a difficult game to learn and master. That’s correct, but does it mean you’re brighter than others?

Not necessarily.

While some studies show that students who play chess at school get higher scores, scientists say that it’s because chess is a way to motivate them to attend classes. It doesn’t mean that they have a higher IQ than the rest of their peers.

Chess and Intelligence

There’s no need to be a genius to start playing chess, but those who are persistent enough to push through reap the benefits. They develop better analytical skills and memory.

Moreover, it takes people months to learn the nuances of chess. Many give up after seeing all the strategies that they have to study.

These points make people believe that chess players are smart. Its reputation for being challenging may even attract intelligent people to take up chess as a hobby.

Getting impressed with chess players is no different from assuming experts in other fields are better than us. Yet, to be honest, we do like it when people think we’re brilliant!

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2. You Thrive Under Pressure

All competitive chess players receive a ranking from the International Chess Federation. Every move you make on the board may have consequences that will affect your Elo.

Though the ranking can cause anxiety for some, other chess players only get motivated by it. Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley even says that the fun of the game comes from the high stakes!

3. You Have Ambition and Persistence

Many players describe chess as “mental torture,” and for good reason. Chess is a sport that needs a lot of cognitive ability, concentration, and training.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but the ones who excel in it are the people who are always up for the challenge.

Chess players always search for ways to improve and they often study new tactics for the next game.

4. You’re Not Too Sensitive

Have you ever wondered if some people are predisposed to play chess? Could it be in our nature and personality to want to learn it in the first place?

You’re not the only one!

Scientists figured out that people who had these traits were more likely to want to play chess.

  • People who are less sensitive to others
  • Those who are prone to arguing
  • Individuals who aren’t afraid of conflict
  • Energetic people

It’s amazing to think that people choose to play chess because of their personality and not because of their intelligence level. Yet, it all makes sense!

Chess can be an aggressive game. Your goal is often to overwhelm your opponent, and it’s not a game for the faint of heart.

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If you love playing chess, it means you’re not too sensitive about a little competition. It also means you won’t back down from a confrontation.

5. You Can Be a Bit Nerdy

Maybe it’s because chess is a non-physical exercise, or maybe it’s because people think chess players are smart. Whatever the case, many assume that chess players are nerdy!

We do know that this bit isn’t true. Madonna and Will Smith are famous for obsessing over the game. The grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk even has modeling gigs for Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

Now, those are words you’d never think you’d see in a chess article. Yet, it only proves that chess is for everyone.

People from any walk of life can gather around a table and play the game. Plus, in reality, we don’t mind being called nerdy. Nerdy can be the new sexy!

6. You Don’t Care What Others Think

There’s a stigma about chess from those who don’t understand the game. Some people believe that chess players are weird for liking the game.

As a chess player, you know that this isn’t true. Frankly, you don’t even care what others think of you. You know what you enjoy and you go for it!

7. You Love to Have Fun

Chess is the grandfather of all games. It first began in the 6th century, yet it’s still as popular as ever. According to the New York Times, nearly 17 million people are playing chess online as of 2022.

Why you may ask? That’s because it’s fun, of course!

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Those who play chess love the difficulty of the game, and they keep coming back to it because they genuinely enjoy it.

What makes the game so thrilling is it doesn’t involve any luck. Each game is different, and it gives you confidence when you win.

8. You’re Patient

Patience is a necessity when it comes to playing chess.

It’s a game that you can’t finish in a few moves. To win, you have to carefully plot your strategy out. You anticipate your opponent’s move in an effort to trap them in the long run.

After all, it takes time to consider all the options, and you even have to wait for the competition to make a move. This is why being a chess player means that you’re patient!

To Summarize

What does playing chess say about you? Playing chess can mean that you’re smart, ambitious, and patient.

Sometimes, it can mean that you’re argumentative and insensitive. It shows that you won’t back down from a challenge.

Whatever the case may be, in the end, it’s all because you love to have fun!