Top 5 Best Acrylic Chess Sets

Acrylic chess sets are known for their modern and sleek appearance, as well as their durability and ease of maintenance.

If you’re a chess enthusiast or collector, the top 5 best acrylic chess sets in this review should be on your radar.

In this review, we’ll explore the pros and cons of these remarkable acrylic chess sets. We’ll also provide insights into the factors to consider when buying the ideal acrylic chess set.

1. MC Marble Cultures Portable Acrylic Chess Set – Best Overall

The Portable Acrylic Chess Set from MC Marbel Cultures stands out from the competition by offering excellent features at an affordable price, making it perfect for those who want a high-quality acrylic chess set that won’t break the bank.

The chessboard flaunts a compact size, measuring 11 x 11 inches. Despite its smaller dimensions, this board still offers a suitable playing surface for enjoyable gameplay.

Each chess piece has its unique design, making each one easy to identify. So, handling and moving the pieces around the board is easy.

The Portable Acrylic Chess Set isn’t only good for daytime play, it’s also suitable for night play. Its acrylic pieces are designed to capture light beautifully, making the game enjoyable even in low-light settings.

The storage compartment hidden behind the board is a thoughtful addition. This makes the chess set perfect for travel or easy storage at home.

It’s worth noting that the bases of the pieces aren’t big or magnetized. This could make the pieces a bit more susceptible to tipping over, especially during transport.


  • Well-crafted pieces
  • Suitable for night play
  • Storage compartment for convenient travel and storage
  • Excellent bang for the buck


  • Small, non-magnetized bases

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2. Lucite Acrylic Chess + Checkers Premium Set – Best Staunton Look

A classic Staunton look never goes out of style, and the Lucite Acrylic Chess + Checkers Premium Set offers that timeless design. This chess set is a must-have for anybody who appreciates classic designs with a modern twist.

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The chessboard boasts a generous size, measuring 17.5 x 17.5 inches. Whether you’re an occasional player or an experienced chess enthusiast, this size ensures an immersive chess experience.

The pieces have been crafted with exceptional attention to detail, making the pieces easy to distinguish from one another.

The chess set’s board is spacious and serves as storage for the pieces. The large playing surface provides better visibility for the players and easy maneuvering of the pieces.

One disadvantage is the size of the bases of the chess pieces. It would have been better if the bases were wider to provide more stability on the board.


  • Classic Staunton Look
  • Well-crafted pieces
  • Spacious chessboard
  • Storage space for the pieces


  • The bases of the pieces could be wider for stability

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3. Tizo Design Elegant 13” Lucite Chess Set – Best for Decoration

If we talk about acrylic chess sets, we also talk about luxury. The Tizo Design Elegant 13” Lucite Chess Set’s exquisite craftsmanship and appearance add beauty to any room.

This chess set is a masterpiece in its physical appearance and luxurious feel. The pieces have sparkling clarity, and the blue and white board exudes elegance.

The chessboard measures 13 x 13 inches, suitable for casual games. It’s made of high-quality acrylic, giving it a clear and polished finish. It also makes this chess set very durable.

You can focus on your game strategy without worrying about the pieces tipping over. Thanks to the pieces’ broad bases.

The Tizo Design Elegant 13” Lucite Chess Set is the most expensive on the list. So, expect to pay a premium.


  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Made of high-quality acrylic
  • The pieces have wide bases


  • Costly

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4. Sunnylife Lucite Chess and Checkers Whiskey Noir – Best Multifunctionality

Looking for a modern and stylish acrylic chess set? The Sunnylife Lucite Chess and Checkers Whiskey Noir can be a good option.

The chess set boasts a modern and stylish design, making it an exquisite addition to any contemporary home or office. Its chess pieces come in two colors: amber and transparent.

The chessboard is sized at 11.75 x 11.75 inches, offering a more portable yet spacious enough option for playing chess.

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The acrylic quality varies among different acrylic chess sets. The Sunnylife Lucite Chess and Checkers Whiskey Noir is made of high-quality acrylic, guaranteeing sturdiness and resilience.

If you enjoy playing chess and checkers, this chess set is an excellent choice because it comes with pieces for both games.

One potential drawback is that the board squares have white and off-white colors, which may not be to everybody’s taste.

Chess players are generally accustomed to playing on boards with alternating light and dark squares. This can make it challenging to quickly and accurately identify the squares and pieces.


  • Modern and stylish design
  • Made of top-grade acrylic
  • Includes pieces for checkers
  • Small enough for portability


  • The colors of the board squares might affect visual clarity

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5. Designer Lucite Chess Set – Best Shipping

If you’re hurrying to get a minimalist acrylic chess set, you’ll be happy to know that the Designer Lucite Chess Set comes with free 1-day shipping.

The Designer Lucite Chess Set features a sleek, minimalist design suitable for those who prefer a modern take on the classic chess game. The black and white squares on the board complement the overall design.

The chessboard’s dimensions are 14 x 14 inches, providing ample room for a comfortable game. It ensures that chess players have enough space to maneuver the pieces with ease.

The wide bases of the pieces provide excellent stability, adding more comfort to the game. The king’s size is 3 inches, considered a standard size for chess pieces.

One downside to this chess set is that the pieces lack distinctiveness, which might be challenging for some players to differentiate during gameplay.



  • Sleek modern design
  • Pieces have wide bases
  • Pieces are of standard size
  • Free 1-day shipping


  • The pieces lack details

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Things to Consider When Buying an Acrylic Chess Set

Now that you know about the best acrylic chess sets available, let’s explore the most important factors to consider when buying an acrylic chess set to help you make a well-informed choice.


Many chess sets sold online are made of cheaper plastic materials such as HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). That’s why such chess sets don’t have a transparent look.

How to Know Whether a Chess Set Is Made of Acrylic

Acrylic is a type of plastic with a clear, glossy appearance, similar to glass.

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Any chess set which doesn’t look similar to glass isn’t acrylic-made. So, the popular Pressman Chess Set isn’t made of acrylic.

Lastly, a chess set made of acrylic is usually costly, as acrylic is more expensive than other types of plastics because of its high quality and the cost of the production process.

How to Determine High-Quality Acrylic

An excellent acrylic chess set is made from high-quality, clear acrylic that is durable and scratch resistant.

Look for chess sets that use clear, thick, high-grade acrylic that can withstand regular use and doesn’t yellow over time.


The chess pieces should be sized according to the standard dimensions for tournament play. This ensures compatibility with other sets and boards.

The standard for a king piece is around 9.53 centimeters (3.75 inches). The squares on the board are around 5.72 centimeters (2.25 inches).

For travel chess sets, it’s all about portability. It should be small enough to fit in a bag or backpack but big enough for comfortable gameplay.


You know it’s a good acrylic chess set if it has an attractive and eye-catching design.

Whether it’s a classic design such as the Staunton or a modern one such as the Bauhaus, the pieces should be distinctive, easily recognizable, and beautiful.

Well-Crafted Pieces

The chess pieces should be well-crafted with attention to detail and precision. This makes the pieces look attractive and easy to distinguish from one another.

Well-crafted pieces are proportionate to one another, and each piece’s weight feels comfortable in your hand.

Clear Markings

Clear markings refer to the symbols and letters on the chess pieces.

For example, the king piece is usually marked with a cross or a crown on top, while the queen is marked with a small ball. The letter K is marked on the top or bottom of the king piece, while the queen has the letter Q.

Clear markings help you quickly and easily identify the pieces and their positions during gameplay.

Wrapping Up

If you’re in the market for an acrylic chess set, it’s crucial to have a good understanding of what constitutes an excellent acrylic chess set. Differentiating between acrylic and other types of plastic is a good start.

Acrylic chess sets are more expensive because of their superior quality. Look for clear, thick, and durable ones that won’t yellow over time. Further, look for well-crafted pieces with clear markings to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Don’t settle for subpar designs! You should seek an acrylic chess set that stands out with its attractive appearance, whether it has a classic Staunton or modern style.

The Portable Acrylic Chess Set from MC Marble Cultures claims the top position on the list. It encompasses all of the features that define an exceptional acrylic chess set, from build quality to aesthetic appeal, and it comes at an affordable price!