7 Best Chess Scorebooks to Keep Your Game on Track

There are various methods for keeping track of your chess games. Using a chess scorebook is one way to do so.

Keeping track of your moves, annotating, and analyzing your games are some of the things you can do using a chess scorebook. It will allow you to review your previous games so that you can learn from your mistakes.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best chess scorebooks available in the market.

Best Chess Scorebooks: A Review

You need to consider a lot of factors when choosing a chess scorebook. But don’t worry, I already did the homework to help you decide what to choose.

1. Chess Scorebook by Write and Record

The Chess Scorebook by Write and Record is an excellent choice. It offers a 120-page journal that’s perfect for long tournaments or players who want to take comprehensive notes while playing.

You can comfortably record 60 games in this scorebook.

2. Lucid Self Chess Scorebook

The Lucid Self Chess Scorebook is also perfect for serious players. It offers 120 pages of journals where you can log up to 99 moves.

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It has spaces for documenting important details about your opponents, the location of the event, and other significant data about the tournaments you join.

3. Chess Scorebook by Chess House

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, Chess Scorebook by Chess House is an excellent choice.

The book offers a space for 50 games where you can log 100 moves and a diagram for each sheet. It also has ¼” lines where you can write important details with ease.

4. Quality Velour Hardcover Chess Game Journal

With a classy look and a high-quality hardcover, the Quality Velour Hardcover Chess Game Journal is an elegant way to record up to 100 games and 80 moves per game.

Its improved hand-sewn binding will also give you peace of mind that this journal will last even after you’ve used all of its pages.

5. Chess Press Scorebook

The Chess Press Scorebook is the one with the most pages on this list. It offers an impressive 200 pages of game sheets where you can record up to 80 moves per page.

The best part is it’s also relatively cheap, considering the number of games you can record in this book. It’s like buying two chess scorebooks at the price of one.

6. We Games Hardcover Chess Notation Scorebook

A tournament-ready chess scorebook boasting a luxurious and velvety cover, it’s no wonder why the We Games Hardcover Chess Notation Scorebook is a popular choice among chess clubs and classrooms in the US.

This book will allow you to store up to 100 games and can last for a long time since its binding is stitched and glued for extra durability

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7. Chess Scorebook by Self Success Press

If you want an elegant-looking, high-quality chess scorebook, the Self Success Press could be what you’re looking for.

This chess book is made of crisp white paper that reduces that annoying ink bleedthrough. Further, it’s full of illustrations and tables to help you quickly take note of what’s going on without having to write down everything manually.

This chess book has enough room for 80 moves per game. However, you can only store a humble 56 numbers in it.

Choosing the Right Chess Scorebook for You

With so many chess scorebooks on the market. How do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few things to consider when choosing your chess scorebook:

How Many Games Do You Want to Track?

Some chess scorebooks can only hold a few tens of games, while others have room for hundreds. If you’re just starting, you might not need as much space as someone who has been playing for a while.

What Features Do You Want?

Some scorebooks include chess practice charts and analytical tools as optional extras. Some are simpler, with only a space to record your moves and outcomes of the games.

There are also scorebooks with a cardstock cover and spiral bound. Others have a more luxurious hard covering with double stitching and glued to ensure its durability.

Choose a scorebook based on qualities that are most essential to you.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Chess scorebooks prices range from a few dollars to over $100. It all depends on the number of features you choose, how durable the book is, and the brand you’re purchasing the book from.

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It generally isn’t worthwhile to spend a lot of money on an expensive scorebook while you’re just getting started. On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned player looking for all the bells and whistles, be ready to pay money in line with that.

Do You Prefer a Digital or Paper Scorebook?

Digital scorebooks are becoming increasingly popular. They have various advantages over physical ones. For example, you may share your games with other players or store them online.

Physical scorebooks, on the other hand, allow you to record activities and outcomes on paper in a tactile manner or in a way more recognizable to you.

At the end of the day, everything comes down to preference. With a bit of research and some trial and error, you should be able to find the right scorebook for your needs.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are a variety of chess scorebooks available to help you keep track of your progress and winning strategy. There is a chess scorebook for everyone, regardless of budget or requirements.

To summarize this article, here’s another glance at the best chess scorebooks available in the market now:

  • Chess Scorebook by Write and Record
  • Lucid Self Chess Scorebook
  • Chess Scorebook by Chess House
  • Quality Velour Hardcover Chess Game Journal
  • Chess Press Scorebook
  • We Games Hardcover Chess Notation Scorebook
  • Chess Scorebook by Self Success Press

So what are you waiting for? See how much your performance improves after you start utilizing a chess scorebook.