7 Best Crystal Chess Set With Glass Board

Around 2620 BC, the Ancient Egyptians had an elaborate board game known as Senet that could also be the prototype of modern chess.

In a different land, 2000 years BC or even earlier, there was a similar discovery. Archaeologists found the closest form of a chess board in the Indus Valley and many believe that it evolved into chaturanga over time.

By the 7th century, most of the ancient world was fascinated by the game. Chess pieces were traditionally made from wood, bronze, gold, and ivory. In the 9th century, the Arab empires introduced glass as an exquisite material for making chess.

Ten centuries later, Europe started making elaborate glass chess sets, particularly, on the Italian island of Murano.

If you’d like to know what’s the best crystal chess set with glass board read on! You have a broad choice between seven exceptional sets.  

  • HERCHR Glass Chess Set
  • Skylety Glass Chess Set
  • Gamie Glass Chess Set
  • Srenta Fine Glass Chess Set
  • OnDisplay Luxury Chess Set
  • Sunnylife Lucite Chess
  • Upper Midland Products Luxury Set

The Top 7 Crystal Chess Sets With a Glass Board

Crystal chess sets are inherently fragile, which makes some people wonder, why then would you own a pricey set that could shatter at the drop of a hat? Well, the answer is simple. These delicate sets are absolutely beautiful.

Playing chess with a classical, modern, carved, or laser-cut crystal is a true pleasure for the senses. Additionally, keeping this work of art on your coffee table adds to the decoration and glam of your living room.

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The following is a meticulously curated list of the best crystal chess sets currently on the market.

1. HERCHR Glass Chess Set

The HERCHR set is a classical piece, where the pieces come in smooth frosted and clear transparent glass. The 10X10-inch board is highly polished almost to a mirror gloss.

The workmanship of the pieces shows in the details, accuracy, and visual appeal. The chess pieces are perfectly sized, with the pawns standing at 1.1 inches, while the kings tower over them at 2.3 inches high. The base of each piece is inlaid with flannelette to avoid scratching the chess board.

If you’re looking for a tasteful gift for a friend, look no further. The HERCHR glass set is quite elegant and playing with it is pure joy. The best part is that it comes at an amazing price.

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2. Skylety Glass Chess Set

Luminosity is one of the best features of glass chess sets, and the Skylety set gives off that light in abundance. The 14×14-inch board is made from clear glass, with slightly frosted squares alternating with highly polished clear squares.

The chess pieces are made from the same prime-quality glass, which adds significantly to the delicacy and elegance of the set.

Despite needing careful handling, this set is quite practical for a friendly game of chess. However, if you’d like to keep it as a decorative piece, that’s perfectly wise too.

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3. Gamie Glass Chess Set

The Gamie Glass Chess set is another classical option with frosted glass pieces battling with transparent glass opponents.

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This set is available in three size varieties: 10×10 inches, 12×12 inches, and 14×14 inches. You can select the set that matches your coffee table dimensions as well as your budget!

The chess pieces are sturdy and well-carved. They all have a felt anti-scratch bottom that also eliminates any noises. As the crystal pieces move over the glass board, you wouldn’t be distracted by the clacking or clinking contact noises.

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4. Srenta Fine Glass Chess Set

The Srenta set is a small set with a 10×10-inch board. It’s diligently crafted, aesthetically pleasing, and it comes at a great price!

You can get this set for a corner table, cocktail bar, bookshelves, or mantlepiece. You can also give it as a birthday present or a Christmas gift.

The combination of exquisite quality and affordable price is hard to resist.

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5. OnDisplay Luxury Laser-Cut Chess Set

Traditional glass has limitations in how it can be cut and crafted. This is why chess manufacturers looked for sturdier variations that would allow them to unleash their creativity and innovation.

CrystaLuxe acrylic is sturdy and lends itself easily to laser cutting and tinting. The result looks exactly like glass but has a wider array of presentations. Additionally, the pieces don’t yellow over time, which is another admirable feature.

The OnDisplay set is an ultra-modern depiction of a chess set, with a wide board measuring around 12×12 inches. The king is a prominent piece standing 3.7 inches high.

The price tag here might seem a bit on the high end, but in fact, it’s not too expensive compared to chess sets made from the same material.

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6. Sunnylife Lucite Chess & Checkers Whiskey Noir

Much like the OnDisplay set above, the Sunny Lucite chess set is also a futuristic ultra-modern design.

The board is medium-sized, with both sized a little less than 12×12 inches. The chess pieces are crafted as slick cylinders with minimalist markings that reveal their ranks. As for the colors, this is where this set is truly unique.

One side gets to play with maroon-tinted pieces, while the other can pick crystal-clear chess pieces.

The Sunnylife Lucite chess set is a bit on the pricey side, but the visual impact and sturdiness are worth it.

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7. Upper Midland Products Luxury Lucite Chess Set

The show stopper in this list is a stunning Lucite glass black and white set. The pieces are minimalistic angular shapes, cones, hexagonal prisms, and square towers. It’s a design that’s unique to this set and a real pleasure for the senses.

The board is rather large, measuring 13×13 inches, with alternating tinted black and white squares. It’s also made from highly polished Lucite which adds to its elegance and luminosity.

The upper Midland set doesn’t come cheap and its value shows pretty well. You can place it as a pièce de résistance in your office, living room, or game room. You can also give it as a precious gift to a loved one.

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Luxurious, decorative, and minimalist glass chess sets add glamor and elegance wherever you place them. And if you feel like playing a competitive game with your friends or family, go right ahead.

I would recommend the HERCHR Glass Chess Set to anyone who wants to enjoy the lovely aesthetics of a chess set. It’s a bit fragile though, so if you want something a bit more sturdy, you can go for the Lucite sets like the Sunnylife and the Upper Midland sets.