Where to Buy Chess Set: A Complete Guide to the Best Retailers

You can purchase a chess set from any specialized chess retailer. Trusted chess shops include USCF Sales, Chess House, Wholesale Chess, and House of Staunton.

You may also go for Chess Central or Chess USA for high-quality products.

That said, there are many other stores you can buy from.

In this post, we’ll provide an answer to the question: Where to buy chess set? We’ll also recommend the ideal price range for your next set.

Where to Buy a Chess Set in the US or UK?

There are plenty of retailers where you can pick up a chess set. However, if you want to choose from an abundance of products with endless designs, you should consider checking out specialized chess stores.

Here are some of the most trusted chess shops to consider:

If you live in the UK, these are excellent shops to go for:

Nonetheless, you can find great chess sets at popular traditional retailers, including eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

These retailers also provide a wide selection of products for different price points.

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How Much Does a Decent Chess Set Cost?

Chess sets come in a wide variety of prices. You can expect to pay between $10 and up to several thousand dollars for a new one.

However, keep in mind that the most basic chess set has nearly the same functionality as the most luxurious one. The only two exceptions are e-boards and travel sets.

Players usually pay high prices for the built quality and aesthetic features, not for functionality. So, avoid spending too much if you’re looking for a set just to practice the game occasionally.

In this case, I’d recommend a high-quality $50–200 set. Most sets within this price range are made of sturdy materials and also have an appealing aesthetic.

Nonetheless, if you want to purchase an intricate or luxurious set, you should expect to pay hundreds of dollars.

Where to Buy a Cheap Chess Set?

Many retailers offer basic chess sets for as little as only $10 or even less.

You can find budget-friendly options on websites like Wholesale Chess, Chess House, or House of Staunton.

You can also find affordable sets on Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Despite their low price, a lot of these products are of decent quality.

In addition, you might even find high-quality chess sets at a reasonable price at second-hand stores. To do this, check Goodwill or look for used chess sets on eBay.

Further, local game and toy stores usually sell basic, wallet-friendly chess sets. So, you may consider checking your nearest toy shop for one.

Why Is Chess So Expensive?

Chess isn’t generally expensive. Its cost depends entirely on your preferences.

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It’ll be pretty affordable if you purchase a basic set and learn the game from free online sources. This is what many players choose to do.

Conversely, if you’re looking for high-end and luxurious chess sets, they can cost you an arm and a leg.

Here are the five main reasons why some sets can cost a few dollars while others are worth thousands:

1. Build Material

Wooden and marble sets cost considerably more than those made of plastic, glass, and other materials.

In addition, some types of wood, like Bud rosewood, are much more expensive than others.

Further, some luxury sets are even made of precious metals like silver and gold, making them highly valuable.

2. Size of the Board and the Pieces

Many players look for particular sizes for their chess sets for different reasons.

Given that, the larger the size of the set, the higher its price.

3. Weight of the Set

A lot of players prefer heavy pieces as they’re more stable in any playing condition.

Because more weight requires more materials, they pay higher prices for these heavy sets.

4. Brand

Like all other products, two identical sets can significantly vary in price depending on the brand name of each.

A trusted brand name gives the set more value, increasing its price.

5. The Carving of the Knight

The knight is the most complicated piece in the set. It requires a lot of manual work to be crafted precisely. This is especially true for championship sets.

In fact, a perfectly crafted knight can account for as much as 50% of the set‘s total cost.

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Who Makes the Best Chess Sets?

Many brands produce chess sets, yet only a few offer high-quality options. So, if you’re looking to get the perfect chess gear from a trusted brand, here are some suggestions to consider:

  • MTM Wood: This brand offers one of the finest quality handmade chess boards on the market. They make exceptional products of hardwood.
  • JLP Woodworking: Similar to MTM, this company offers special handcrafted boards. They also provide boards with a magnet 4-quadrant layout.
  • Ferrer: They produce world-class chess boards. More interestingly, they manufactured the official Queen’s Gambit chess board.
  • Dimorf: They’re one of the best vertical chess board producers.
  • Naef: This Swiss brand is a leading company in crafting wooden boards. It offers a variety of modern chess sets.
  • Noj Slovenia: This company is one of the best chess piece designers in the world. They’re globally well-known for their meticulously crafted sets.
  • Berkeley Chess: If you’re into themed chess pieces, Berkeley Chess is the best brand to go for. They produce unique chess themes for a wide array of preferences.
  • Millennium: This German brand offers a wide variety of top-notch classic and modern chess e-boards.
  • DGT: This is another world-leading e-board producer. If you’re looking for an electronic board, you should consider this innovative brand.

Wrap Up

Where to buy chess set? There are a plethora of places where you can purchase your next chess set. Refer to the list above to select one of the most trusted retailers.

In addition, when picking a new set, consider your real specific needs. This is to avoid spending too much on chess gear.

A basic, budget-friendly set might be enough if you only buy it to practice chess occasionally. However, if you plan to go professional, you may spend extra bucks to get a high-end set.