The Best Antique Chess Table: 3 Outstanding Pieces

Chess has a rich history spanning thousands of years, and chess tables have always been integral to this narrative. That’s why we all highly appreciate these tables.

To pick the best antique chess table, look for a rare one that holds historical significance. You should also ensure the antique is in good condition.

Superb options include the “Rare Vintage Franklin Mint Chess Table,” the “Antique 19th-century Victorian Top Chess Table,” and the “1940s Chippendale -Style Table.”

In this post, we’ll help you select the vintage chess table that perfectly matches your style and budget.

The 3 Best Antique Chess Tables

The market for antique chess tables is vast and offers a multitude of options with varying histories and styles.

However, not all of these tables are worth your investment. Some are in poor condition, while others are inauthentic.

To help you avoid any hassle in picking a good product, we’ve reviewed a wide array of vintage chess tables. As a result, we came up with the best three options you can buy today.

Here are our top recommendations:

1. Best Overall: Rare Vintage Franklin Mint Chess Table

Condition Good
Dimensions 27” H x 20” W
Table Material Wood
Pieces Material Bronze and Pewter
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This rare piece, crafted by Franklin Mint, is perfect for vintage chess table enthusiasts who appreciate highly detailed antiques.

It brings the historical atmosphere of England into any space through its meticulously crafted Victorian style.

More interestingly, it comes with a special Napoleonic-style chess set consisting of bronze and pewter pieces. The pieces are intricately designed, showing exceptional attention to detail.

As a vintage item, this table exhibits minor signs of wear. However, you can easily restore its condition if you prefer,


  • Comes with a vintage chess set
  • In good condition
  • Sold at a reasonable price compared to other similar antiques


  • One of its legs is partially broken

2. Best Victorian Chess Table: Antique 19th-Century Victorian Top Chess Table

Condition Good
Dimensions 28” H x 20” W
Material Rosewood and Boxwood
Manufacturing Date 19th Century

Take a journey back into the Victorian epoch with this vintage chess table from that period.

This piece was manufactured in England during the 19th century, which makes it an authentic reflection of the Victorian era.

It combines the elegance and craftsmanship of that prosperous England epoch.

The table is made of highly durable Rosewood and boxwood that has preserved its condition since its manufacturing.

It also boasts a unique aesthetic and appealing look, with the pre-drawn chessboard on the surface.

Further, it showcases different harmonious shades of brown and black that combine perfectly with the chessboard on top.


  • Authentic Victorian piece
  • Made of highly durable materials
  • Good condition


  • The chessboard has slight discoloration

3. Best Chippendale Antique Chess Table: 1940s Chippendale -Style Table

Condition Good
Table Dimensions 30” H x 32” W
Chairs Dimensions 38” H x 21” W
Material Wood and Marble
Manufacturing date Around 1940
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This custom-made vintage piece can be an ideal choice if you’re looking for a rare Chippendale table. It combines a wooden body and a marble chessboard on top.

This table showcases meticulous craftsmanship and unique attention to detail. It comes with two highly durable wooden chairs that complement its style.

Although it was manufactured in the US around 1940, it remains in good condition with only slight wear to the finish. It also has some subtle deterioration in the painting and texture.


  • Good condition
  • Made of quality materials
  • Comes with two matching chairs


  • Shows slight deterioration in the painting

What to Consider When Buying an Antique Chess Table?

When buying a vintage chess table, you can expect to invest hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. So, you need to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

To do so, you should consider the following factors:

The Authenticity of the Piece

Before purchasing any antique table, you need to ensure that it’s really a vintage piece with a long history. Read the product details carefully to verify this information.

You can also ask the seller to provide you with any document about the piece’s origin.

Further, some chess tables might have a retro design, but they were actually made recently. This option is okay for many people as it is much more affordable than a real vintage piece.

Condition and Durability

Being vintage is what makes antiques unique, but this also makes them susceptible to deterioration over the years. They’re also pre-owned, and each use affects their condition.

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That’s why you need to pay attention to the material of the table you plan to purchase.

Opt for products made of high-quality wood like Rosewood, boxwood, and walnut. Marble and sturdy metals are also great options.

In addition, you need to ensure that the product is in decent condition.

The Reputation of the Seller

Because of the rarity of antiques, it’s nearly impossible to find reviews about them from previous buyers.

To get over this drawback, you should check the review and the overall reputation of the seller.

Make sure that the seller has a wide range of genuine reviews from various buyers.

Historical Value and Rarity

The history of an antique and its rarity are significant factors in determining its value.

A table with a one-of-a-kind design and limited versions can command a considerably higher price than others.

Likewise, a table from the 18th century will probably have a higher cost than more recent ones.

Wrapping Up

To find the best antique chess table for your needs and budget, you should consider a few factors.

First, verify the authenticity of the piece and its durability. Then, check the reputation of the seller. You also need to consider the history and rarity of the table.

In addition, our recommendations are three of the best in the market. The Rare Vintage Franklin Mint Chess Table is ideal if you’re looking for a Victorian table with a set of chess pieces.

The Antique 19c Top Chess Table is your way to go if you’re into authentic Victorian antiques.

Finally, the 1940s Chippendale-Style Table would be an excellent choice if you prefer Chippendale-style antiques.