Top 5 Best Chess Sets Ever

Chess is a timeless and popular game that requires strategy and patience. Traditionally, chess is played on a chess board made of wood. Today, you can buy different types of chess sets depending on your budget and preference.

With so many different chess sets on the market, knowing which one to choose can be challenging.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 5 best chess sets ever made, each with its unique features and qualities that make them stand out from the rest. From traditional wooden sets to modern ones, there’s something for everyone on the list.

1. House of Staunton Grandmaster Chess Set

This set is designed for players who are looking for well-crafted wooden chessmen at a reasonable price. The pieces are crafted from premium quality wood and are hand-carved by master artisans.

Functionality and Beauty

Despite the classic design, it still shows elegance in quality. It offers excellent durability to endure long-term use and is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

The brand is well known for its superior quality, which helped it become the standard of chess pieces.

It’s weighted and has a broad base on each piece which adds stability to the pieces, and its weight gives a unique feel every time you lift and move a piece.

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Iconic Design and Trusted Reputation

The House of Staunton is the standard for chess pieces and is recommended internationally by FIDE for tournaments.

It’s also known to be the finest manufacturer of chess products. The company is known to continuously improve and enhance its designs which makes them deserving of the reputation.

Unlike other sets offered by House of Staunton, which fall in the luxury category, the Grandmaster Chess Set is a high-quality set you can afford.

2. The Ausney Upgraded Magnetic Chess Set

This foldable set is embedded with a strong magnetic bond between the pieces and the board.  You can now enjoy playing chess anywhere, even on trains, planes, and boats.

Magnetic Feature

The magnetic layer beneath the board and within the pieces guarantees the pieces stay where you place them. The added stability is a great benefit for new players and kids who may accidentally hit or bump the pieces while playing.

When playing outdoors, you can also be rest assured that gusts of wind will not knock chess pieces.

Foldable and Easy to Store

Whether you like playing chess at parks or in the office during breaks, this design makes it the perfect travel set.

With its large storage space, individual casing for each piece, and comfy carry bag, you can be at ease knowing that the chess board and pieces are safe and scratch-free.

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3. Weigel Ambassador Chess Set

This set is made with exceptional craftsmanship making it a good choice for playing chess and a great choice for display.

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Beginners’ Best Friend

This chess set is larger than the standard 15-inch chess sets commonly used in tournaments, making it easier to move the pieces without bumping nearby pieces. It also makes it easier to analyze the game since the entire board pieces are more visible.

They are crafted with beautiful details, making identifying different pieces easier. It also has number and letter markings which help locate and identify specific playing squares.

Value for Money

Considering the size of the chess board and the quality of the hand-crafted chessmen, this chess set is excellent for its price. Its beautiful design can also serve as a centerpiece or decoration that the family will enjoy for a lifetime.

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4. Mainstreet Classics Broadway

This set offers five-in-one board games you and your friends will enjoy.

A Comprehensive Package

This package includes Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Chinese Checkers, and Dice games in one set. This combo is a complete entertainment bundle that offers numerous games for the whole family.

Compact Design

The top board is a chess board, and the backgammon board is on the flip side. If you remove the top board, it will reveal another board that can be used to play Chinese checkers.

The set also comes with all the necessary pieces for each game and is conveniently stored in a compartment beside the board. It’s an excellent addition to your game collection and a perfect gift for kids.

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5. Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

If you’re a Harry Potter fan and enjoy playing chess, this will be the perfect chess set for you.

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Themed Chess Set

There are various themed chess sets out there, but the wizard chess set is by far the most detailed and popular one. If you’ve seen Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, it’s easy to recognize the Wizard Chess Set.

The chess pieces have meticulous designs, which are direct replicas of the one that appears in the movie. You can see that each chessman has a unique design that fits their role in chess.


Although this set may look prestigious and unique, it’s different from other chess sets mentioned above. The pieces are thoroughly detailed but made from plastic, so they are light and less durable.

If you are a dedicated chess player, there may be better choices for you since highly detailed pieces tend to break the more you play. The price is also higher than standard chess sets since it’s a trademark product by Warner Bros.

The Wizard Chess Set is more suited to Harry Potter fans or beginners who just started playing chess. The chess pieces are easier to recognize because of the designs, making the game more interactive.

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Conclusion: It’s the Experience that Matters

For professionals looking for a chess set, then go for the Ausney or Grandmaster Chess set.

For someone who plays chess for fun, Mainstreet Classics Broadway is an excellent choice to play with your family and friends.

For enthusiasts or collectors, the Weigel Ambassador Chess Set or Themed Sets like Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set is a great choice.

Choosing your chess set is a fun process you should enjoy. As you continuously grow and improve, your beloved chess set will become a cherished companion to your journey. So choose wisely, develop your skills, and enjoy playing chess.