Top 5 Best Pokémon Chess Sets

If you’re a Pokéfan that also likes chess, chances are you’ve thought about a chess set that uses Pokemons as chessmen!

Luckily, there are various options that can make this dream come true. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the top 5 best Pokemon chess sets in terms of design and quality.

Let’s jump straight in and take a closer look at each one of them and what it has to offer!

1. Official Pokemon Center Chess Set


Let’s start with the official Pokemon chess set from Pokemoncenter. This set features a variety of Pokemon as chessmen, including Pikachu, Dragonite, Snorlax, Rapidash, and Magikarp.

The chess pieces are made of plastic with a metallic finish. To make the pieces more stable, each one features a weighted base, but they’re still a bit small. Each piece also features a felt bottom to prevent scratch marks.

You should also know that the set only features 32 chess pieces, so it doesn’t have extra queens for pawn promotion.

The set also comes with a Pokemon-themed chess board that features a Pokemon logo in the center of the board.

The chessboard is decently large, measuring 20.3 x 20.3 inches, which makes the set quite functional and not just decorative.

The cool aspect about this chessboard is that it also doubles as a storage for the Pokemon chessmen. The 3.3-inch high chessboard features two drawers on either side where you can store the Pokemon chessmen.

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The drawer is also organized into several compartments to keep each individual piece safe and protect them from scratches during transportation.


  • Authentic Pokemon designs with attention to fine detail
  • The Pokemon logo in the middle turns the chessboard into a Pokemon battlefield
  • The chessboard doubles as convenient storage for the Pokemon chessmen


  • A bit pricey
  • Doesn’t come with extra queens

2. FumeArt Pokemon Chess Set With Chessboard

Next up, we have this cool Pokemon chess set that comes with a chessboard. Like the previous one, these chessmen here represent various Pokemon.

However, the Pokemon chessmen here are 3D printed with silver and bronze metallic finish and sit on top of a Pokeball design.

The details of each chess piece are quite decent and highly authentic, which makes them recognizable from a distance.

We also like that each side has slightly different Pokemon for each chessman while maintaining the same theme, striking an excellent balance between variety and consistency.

The chess pieces are decently weighted, although they may seem a bit lightweight if you’re used to playing with weighted Staunton chessmen.

The set comes with a nice-looking chessboard that is available in different sizes, ranging from 11.8 to 14.1 inches, but it’s not themed.

The only downside about this chess set is that it doesn’t come with dedicated storage for the chess pieces, which makes it a bit overpriced for what it offers.


  • Realistic Pokemon chessmen with a good variety
  • The chessboard comes in various sizes
  • Pokeball-designed weighted base.


  • Doesn’t come with storage for the chessmen
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3. Filameon Pokemon Chess Set

If the Pokemon trainer inside isn’t fully satisfied with metallic finishes and you want to enjoy your chess sets in full color, this one will have you covered!

The Filemeon Pokemon chess set features a wide variety of Pokemon as chessmen, and similar to the previous one, this one also uses size to differentiate between pawns and other chess pieces.

The chess pieces are also 3D printed, and while they’re decently detailed and painted carefully, you can still notice some slight imperfections if you check every piece up close.

The set may also feel a bit lightweight, especially since it’s not magnetic, which makes them a bit unstable if you want to play with them.

For these reasons, this one can be an excellent choice if you’re mainly looking for a decorative/collectable chess set, but it’s not the most game-friendly option.


  • Handcrafted and features vibrantly colored chessmen in various Pokemon designs
  • Comes with a relatively heavy and decently sized chessboard
  • Uses environmentally friendly resin for construction.


  • You may notice some 3D printing imperfections
  • Can be confusing to play a game with

4. Watto Magnetic Pokemon Chess Set

Pokemon sets can be quite attractive as decoration, but many of them aren’t super functional to play with, but luckily, this chess set from Watto passes that test with flying colors!

This chess set features regular Staunton wood pieces but with colorful Pokemon sitting on top of them.

The chess pieces are fitted with a magnet at the bottom, which makes them quite stable and easy to play with.

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The set also comes with a nice chessboard, which adds a lot of value to the overall product.


  • The magnetic bottom stabilizes the chessmen perfectly
  • High functional and can be used to play games
  • Durable construction


  • The Pokemon details aren’t perfect

5. 3Designprints Complete Pokemon Chess Set

This chess set is also 3D designed, but the pieces were filed and primed before painting so they’re much smoother than other 3D printed options.

The set uses Pokeballs for pawns, which makes them very easy to distinguish and improves the functionality of the set.

We also love that this set comes at a highly affordable price, compared to other Pokemon chess set options available. Additionally, the set comes with extra chess pieces for variety and pawn promotion!

Not only that, but you can also customize the color of the set to your liking. However, the set doesn’t come with a chessboard or storage box.


  • Increbdly affordable price
  • Available in custom colors
  • Comes with 2 extra queens


  • Doesn’t come with a chessboard or an option for storage.

Wrap Up

This marks the end of today’s guide that walks you through 5 of the most beautiful Pokemon chess sets that you can find out there!

If you want a decently balanced chess set that comes with all the bells and whistles, you should consider the Official Pokemon Center Chess Set.

However, if you want an elaborate set that features a variety of Pokemon while still being functional, you should consider the Watto Magnetic Pokemon Chess Set.