Fancy Chess Sets: Our Top 5 Pick

Chess sets come in a variety of designs and materials, and luckily, a beginner can find a decent chess set for a budget-friendly price.

However, if you want your chess set to stand out, there are plenty of premium chess sets out there to choose from.

In today’s article, we’ll walk you through the top 5 fanciest chess sets that you can add to your collection.

1. The Savano Series Luxury Wood Chess Set

Starting off with one of the most luxurious yet practical chess sets out there. Although this one is made of wood, it sets itself apart from average options by offering an outstanding level of craftsmanship and attention to detail!

Each chessman in the set is handcrafted from high quality wood and carved with great attention to maintaining consistency across all pieces.

The pieces are also designed with a relatively large and decorative base to keep them heavily weighted and fitted with English leather bottom pads for protection against scratches.

For example, the king’s height is 4.4 inches with a 2-inch diameter base. We also like that the set comes with 2 extra queens for pawn promotion!

The set also comes with a large Spain-made veneered chessboard that measures 23.75 inches.

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This one has an elm burl wood frame and dark tiles while using bird’s eye maple for light ones. Besides adding a decorative touch to the set, it also makes it super clear and game-friendly!

The Savano Series also offers a mahogany storage box that stores every chess piece in its dedicated compartment for ultimate protection against scratches.


  • Made with luxury-grade woods with unmatched attention to the finest details
  • Incredibly decorative but still super practical and game-friendly
  • Every piece is bottom-padded and has its own compartment in the storage box


  • None besides being expensive

2. Mancini Luxury 24K Gold/Silver Plated Chess Set

If you don’t mind spending a hefty sum for an absolute stunner, this one will surely have your interest!

The Mancini Luxury Chess Set features solid brass chessmen that are plated with pure gold and silver. The set also comes with optional extra queens for pawn promotion!

Each chessman is handcrafted and inspected by a master artisan in Italy to guarantee quality and consistency. Every piece is also fitted with felt pads at the bottom to prevent scratches.

The set’s chessboard is also large (25 inches) and incredibly attractive, as it’s made with briarwood and bird’s eye maple and has a glossy finish with raised smooth edges.

Despite the soaring price tag, the set doesn’t come with a storage box. While there’s no need to keep this beautiful set away, it would’ve still been nice to have the option to keep the chessmen safe in a box whenever necessary.


  • The gold and silver plating adds an exemplary touch of elegance to the set
  • The chessboard is remarkably large
  • Every tiny detail of the chess set is made with extreme care
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  • Doesn’t come with a storage box, despite the price

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3. Battle of Gettysburg Civil War 1863 Chess Set

If you’re looking for a unique chess set that stands out as a fancy house decoration, you might want to consider this one.

This chess set is themed after the Civil War and uses prominent figures from the Union and Confederate armies as chessmen. The chessmen are large, well-crafted, and painted with extreme care by Italian craftsmen.

The set also comes with a 21 inch chessboard that is made from American walnut and maple trees.

Additionally, the set comes with two impressive storage boxes to keep the chessmen safe when not on display.

The compact storage boxes don’t take up a lot of space and prevent the chessmen from shifting inside when you close the lid for added security.


  • Incredibly unique chess set that stands out as a home decoration
  • Comes with 2 artisan storage boxes that match the chessboard
  • Large chessmen with attention to details while painting


  • Not a practical option for paying

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4. Roman Gladiators Chess Set

Another great option to consider if you’re looking for something fancy is this Roman Gladiators Chess Set.

The chessmen in this set are made of solid pewter (copper-based alloy) and modeled after Roman gladiators that fought in the Colosseum, painted in bronze and silver.

The King measures around 3 inches, which isn’t large, but also isn’t too small. The pieces are fitted with a felt bottom to prevent scratches and the set comes with a glass chessboard with clear and frosted tiles.

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Besides the gladiators, the entire chessboard sits on top of a Colosseum-themed base, which gives the entire set an incredible touch of elegance and immersion!


  • High quality solid pewter chessmen with great attention to details
  • Remarkably attractive chess set with a Colosseum-themed base
  • Comes at a relatively decent price for the quality it offers


  • The chessboard is a little small

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5. Brass Art Deco Chessmen on Red Grain Decoupage Board

This chess set is an excellent choice for anyone who prefers modern and contemporary art styles.

The chess set features solid brass and pewter chessmen that rock an elegant design while still being distinguishable and functional.

The only downside here is that the queen and the bishop are only distinguishable by the size difference.

The set also comes with a well-crafted chessboard with a bold design and attractive reddish hues.

The board has multiple coats of glossy lacquer to give it a smooth, shiny surface, adding to the elegance of the whole set.


  • Unique and decorative yet functional design
  • Attractive and decently large chessboard outline
  • Solid and heavy chessmen for stability while moving the pieces


  • The set lacks an option for storage or extra queens

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Wrap Up

There you have it! A brief guide that walks you through 5 of the fanciest chess sets that are available on the market.

If you’re looking for a high-end option that combined quality and functionality, you should opt for The Savano Series Luxury Wood Chess Set.

However, if you don’t mind going all out for a fancy chess set, you won’t go wrong with Mancini’s Gold/Silver Plated Chess Set