3 Best Glass Chess Set With Wooden Case

Chess sets are typically made from wood. Other materials add to the aesthetics of the chess pieces. Metals, ceramics, marble, and glass are popular, especially, if you’d like to use the chess set as a decorative piece.

The uniqueness of the materials also makes the chess set a wonderful gift that works great for any special occasion.

Glass chess sets are particularly appealing, but they need extra caution while handling the pieces due to their fragility. That’s why we always recommend getting a wooden case to protect the delicate glass pieces.

If you’d like to know what’s the best class chess set with a wooden case read on!

The Top 3 Glass Chess Sets With Wooden Cases

Glass chess sets are perfect in game rooms, living rooms, and on coffee tables. Keeping them in a proper condition is a bit challenging though.

Additionally, it’s not easy to travel with a glass chess set. The delicate pieces could get scratched or broken if they’re not kept inside a protective case.

Long-term storage is another reason why a sturdy case would be a great addition to a glass chess set.

Here are three options for glass chess sets with wooden cases that would provide protection for these exquisite crystal pieces.

1. Chess and Games Shop Muba ِAMber 6EF Chess Set

The AMBER 6EF chess pieces come in clear transparent and amber-tinted pieces. It’s a large set with a board measuring approximately 22×22 inches, and the kings stand at 3.75 inches.

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The board is a work of art, as it’s made from beech and birch wood. The hand-carved designs follow a classical pattern that harkens back to early European architecture. The intricate patterns continue from the chess board to the sides of the wooden case.

As you open the case, you’ll find that each chess piece has a designated spot for safekeeping. Additionally, there are two metal locks to secure the case cover.

Whether you’re planning to travel with your precious set or need to keep it in good storage, this wooden case is a great choice.

Having seen many wooden cases with hand-carved designs, I’d say this one comes at a fair price.

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2. Tradeopia Corp. Glass Chess Set in Wooden Case

The medium-sized Tradeopia set is perfect for beginners and pros alike. You can take it to your holiday home or transport it from your house to your office. It would be protected and well-taken care of throughout all this moving, thanks to its sturdy rosewood case.

The chess pieces and 14×14-inch chess board are both made from transparent and frosted glass. The chess pieces have a classical look, with little detail on each piece adding significantly to their visual appeal.

The case is lined with dark foam with designated places for each chess piece. This maximizes their protection from breaking and friction. The case comes with a single lock at the front.

The Tradeopia set can be considered a budget buy, especially, if you look at the craftsmanship of the chess pieces and the quality of the case.

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3. MC Marble Cultures Portable Chess Set with Storage

The MC Marble Cultures set is innovative and futuristic in every way. This applies to every aspect of the set from the shape of the chess pieces to the method of their storage.

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The luminous black and etched white squares look amazing. The board is of medium size, that measures 11×11 inches. The pieces come in a corresponding size, with the tallest ones standing at 2.5 inches.

One of the unique features of the chess pieces is that they aren’t circular, but rather have a flat profile. This makes their storage in the back of the chessboard much easier. This is the only set that comes with this highly economical usage of the board material.

Transporting this set or storing it long-term might need placing it in another case though. It comes at a fair price. So, you can choose any of the boxes below, and the overall cost would still be rational.

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Mix and Match Wooden Cases

Glass sets don’t typically come with wooden cases, despite the obvious need for protecting the board and pieces. That’s because they’re intended for play and display. The sets stay put in a specific place for all to see.

If you want to add further protection for a glass chess set that doesn’t come with a case, you can buy a wooden case separately and use it alongside your chess set. This also makes for a fabulous and thoughtful gift.

RADICALn Staunton Chess Game Storage Box

This chess set storage case is large enough to house a 15×15-inch chess board plus all the chess pieces.

It’s made from a sturdy body covered by synthetic leather. The inside of the case is lined with cloth and sponge. There are cutout slots in the case suitable for chess pieces measuring 2.5 – 3.5 inches.

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You can carry this case easily as it has a padded leather handle. Two solid locks on each side of the handle keep the case secure.

This case is well-equipped to store and transport glass chess sets. And the best part is that it comes at a moderate price.

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HPL Cherry and Burlwood Locking Chess Storage Box

This is a laminate cherry and burlwood box large enough to house medium-to-large-sized glass chess pieces. The two velvet-lined compartments are spacious enough for a 4 3/4-inch King.

The box has chess patterns on the cover, which adds to its visual appeal. Another beautiful feature is the little golden lock and key, and that detail amplifies the vintage feel of the case.

The HPL storage box doesn’t come cheap, but it’s still affordable.

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Bello Collezioni Luxury Briarwood Chess Case

If you’re into one-of-a-kind antiques, you should look at this Briarwood case. It’s made from natural wood with an ultra-suede lining. Overall, the case’s craftsmanship is the best in Italy.

The case consists of a fixed compartment plus a sliding drawer. Both structures are divided into rigid spots for storing glass chess pieces. The case size is 13x10x6 inches, with the internal divisions wide enough to hold pieces from 1 ¼ to 3 ¾ inch pieces.

The price tag on this box is pretty high, but it’s a valuable work of art in its own right. It would also look amazing as a decorative piece.

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Glass chess sets are easy on the eye and add glamor instantly wherever you place them. There’s one little snag when you have one of these gorgeous crystal sets; they’re fragile.

Transporting, storing, and cleaning glass chess sets is a real challenge. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.

You can get a glass chess set with a wooden case, and the problem is solved. Alternatively, you can buy a wooden box separately to store any glass chess set that doesn’t have one.