Top 5 Best Wooden Chess Clocks

If you’re an avid chess player, you’re aware of how important it is to have a good chess clock for tournament play.

Chess clocks not only ensure each player gets the same amount of time to make their moves, but they also add to the style and atmosphere of the game.

Even though many tools and online apps serve the function of chess clocks, it’s not optimal to use your phone as a clock as your game could be interrupted by phone calls or text messages.

With many chess clocks available in today’s market, it can be daunting to pick one. Not to worry; we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best wooden chess clocks.

Let’s dive in!

1. Leap Chess Clock Digital Chess Timer

LEAP is a leading chess retailer specializing in chess clocks and boards. The LEAP chess clock is a popular choice offering a blend of affordability, durability, and functionality.

The clock is lightweight, compact, and portable, weighing only 8.8 ounces, making it easy to transport to tournaments and friend gatherings.

Moreover, the LEAP chess clock’s digital display is large, clear, and easy to read for both sides, even from a distance.

The clock comes with a user-friendly interface, offering multiple time control options. That includes increment delay and Bonus Setting. The availability of different modes makes this clock a versatile option for a wide range of player preferences.

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The digital chess clock from LEAP features a high-quality toggle lever that ensures smooth and accurate timekeeping during gameplay. The lever is comfortable, flexible, and easy to use, offering smooth switches.

Another thing we like about this chess clock is the non-slip foot pad that prevents accidental movement. The clock also features time memory so that all the user’s parameters are saved when you turn the device off and on again.

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2. Insa Wooden Mechanical Chess Clock

Looking for a classic and timeless wooden chess clock? Look no further than the INSA wooden mechanical chess clock.

While digital clocks are now more common, avid chess players always have something for classic analog clocks. That’s because they bring a touch of nostalgia and elegance to the chessboard, and the INSA wooden chess clock is no exception.

When you see this clock, you couldn’t help but admire the beautiful light-colored wooden casing. The clock also features one of the quietest mechanisms for mechanical clocks.

The clock operates on a wind-up mechanism, offering an authentic and nostalgic gaming experience. The clock doesn’t require batteries, so all you need to do is wind it up and start playing. This operation method also makes the clock an eco-friendly option.

It’s worth noting that this clock may not be suitable for use in official chess tournaments, due to its analog nature. However, it’s an excellent option for casual games, friendly competitions, and club matches.

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3. Garde Classic Mechanical Chess Clock

The GARDE classic mechanical chess clock is the latest version of the most famous analog clock used in international chess tournaments.

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Engineered in Germany, this robust timekeeping device combines the precision and reliability of modern clocks and the elegant design of vintage clocks.

The clock features a robust cedar wood case and a huge 7cm clock face. The clock’s face showcases easy-to-read Arabic numerals with silver-colored clock accents that add a touch of sophistication.

The simple and functional design of the GARDE classic mechanical chess clock makes it a suitable option for various settings, such as casual games at home and friendly competitions.

The clock operates on a wind-up mechanism, eliminating the need for batteries, which makes it an eco-friendly option. The wind-up mechanism also provides an authentic experience for chess players who prefer a more traditional approach to timekeeping.

The GARDE classic chess clock is primarily designed for chess, but it’s suitable for other games such as GO.

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4. DGT3000 LE Fide Approved Limited Edition Chess Timer

If you’re looking for a modern digital chess clock with a vintage wooden finish, the DGT3000 chess clock limited edition is the way to go.

DGT released their DGT3000 LE chess clock to celebrate their 25th anniversary. The clock comes with similar options and specifications as the popular DGT3000 but with a unique wooden look.

The clock complies with the FIDE rules and regulations, so it’s suitable for use in official tournaments.

Moreover, the user-friendly design and advanced features make it a go-to choice in other 2-player games such as Draughts, Scrabble, and GO.

The DGT3000 LE offers various features, catering to players of all levels. For example, it comes with 25 pre-set timing systems and the option to store five more customized settings.

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On top of that, the DGT3000 LE is compatible with all DGT electronic chess boards, providing an enhanced gaming experience.

Further, the clock comes with a five-year warranty, making it a safe and sustainable option.

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5. Wooden BHB Chess Clock

Last on our list is the wooden chess clock from BHB, a market leader in traditional chess clocks.

The wooden BHB chess clock’s design is similar to their popular plastic classic clock. The difference is that the wooden BHB version features a case made from beechwood.

The birch wood material and handmade finish give the clock a classic look, which is perfect for chess enthusiasts who appreciate timeless designs.

The clock has large and bright dual clock faces with easy-to-read Arabic numerals and a huge flag mechanism.

Even though this clock lacks the advanced features of digital chess clocks, it’s accurate and straightforward to use, thanks to its wind-up mechanism.

It’s also suitable for both casual games and tournaments, making it a versatile option for every player. Moreover, the clock is available in two styles: dark (mahogany stain) and light (natural beechwood).

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Wrapping Up

Our exploration of the top 5 best wooden chess clocks has shown that there’s a wide range of wooden timepieces available.

Even though most wooden chess clocks lack the features of digital ones, they still offer a unique blend of elegance, durability, and functionality.

Our list features some of the best wooden chess clocks out there. So whether you’re after the features of the DGT3000 LE or the artisan craftsmanship of the GARDE classic, or the wooden BHB, you’ll never regret your choice!