How to Play Duck Chess

Chess is one of the oldest and most entertaining games, and today players can enjoy thousands of variants. Some of them have been around for quite some time, but duck chess is one of the latest additions to the list.

So, if you want to spice up your chess game a little and learn something new, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain how to play duck chess, teach you all the tactics, and help you become a pro. So, let’s dive in.

What is Duck Chess?

Chess is a classical game that increased in popularity once it became digital. This explains the significant increase in active players who play online every single day.

Players can enjoy various techniques and setups with different chess variants available, so the game will always be intriguing and exciting.

Duck chess is one of the latest chess variants, as it was invented in 2016 by Dr. Tim Paulden. In addition to the traditional chess pieces you can use in any chess game, players can also use a rubber duck to make moves.

This game has recently gone viral as many streamers and YouTubers played it online. This made chess enthusiasts wonder how this chess variant differs from the traditional chess game played for hundreds of years.

What are the Rules of Duck Chess?

Duck chess follows all the rules of traditional chess with two exceptions. The first one is that the only way to win the match is to capture the King. This means that there are no checks or checkmates.

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The other rule is that players can use a rubber duck to turn the game’s result in their favor. This duck will block one square on the board, so the other player won’t be able to move their piece to this particular square. Both players will use the same duck and should move it around the board after making their moves.

As a result, playing a game of duck chess will be a real challenge for your abilities as a chess player. Your opponent might trap your pieces, or you might be forced to move them in a certain way.

Playing duck chess involves a lot of focus on tactics and strategies. Players trap each other and prevent each other from predicting how the game progresses. As a result, playing duck chess is considered challenging and intriguing.

Yet, this complexity is the reason why duck chess is becoming popular. More advanced players are in love with the challenge, and novice players can play duck chess to test their skills.

How to Play Duck Chess

According to the rules of this chess variant, the duck is a brick. This means that pieces can’t move through squares occupied by the duck. Only knights can jump over the duck, but they can’t move it out of its place.

According to these rules, each player will have two moves. The first one is to move their chess piece, and the second one is to move the duck. Duck chess can be played online and in real life using a rubber duck. So, here are the proper steps to play duck chess.

  • The white player starts the game, moving one of the pawns.
  • This player will have a chance to move the rubber duck to any square on the board.
  • The black player will make their first move, and they can move the duck afterward. They can move the duck anywhere they like, so it’s not limited to certain squares, but they only have one chance to do this.
  • The game continues as each player tries to trap the pieces of their opponent and make them move their pieces in a way that doesn’t guarantee a win.
  • The duck can’t win or remove any piece on the board. At the same time, the duck can’t be captured.
  • Players can’t play check or checkmate. The game will continue until one player captures the other player’s King.
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Who Should Play Duck Chess?

Duck chess is a complicated yet fun chess variant. If you’re still a novice player, you might not enjoy the game, or you’ll probably lose it too soon.

This chess variant depends on assessing your opponents’ future movement. They will try to move their pieces and also prevent you from moving yours. As a result, you should always think ahead of them.

Players can play duck chess on a regular chess board with all the traditional pieces while adding a small rubber duck to act like a brick. You can also play this game online with the computer or another online player.

Playing duck chess can be an excellent way to improve your chess skills and tactics because it involves a lot of analysis and critical thinking. Your predictions should be based on what you think your opponent will try to do, so you should fully concentrate on their past and future moves.

Since there’s only one way to win, you should place your pieces in a way that prevents the other player’s King from escaping. This can be a little difficult, but with dedication, you’ll be able to do it.

Duck chess takes a lot of practice, so you can try practicing with a computer after setting your skill level. After that, you can practice with more avid players to test your duck chess playing skills.

Wrap Up

Duck chess is a cool new variant of chess that has been around for a few years. It became viral when several streamers posted themselves playing this chess variant using a new crucial piece, a rubber duck.

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The rubber duck acts as a brick, blocking moves to a specific square on the board. Each player will get to move one of their chess pieces and then the duck. No one can capture the duck.

Capturing your opponent’s King is the only way to win a duck chess game. This is why you should pay attention and think ahead to predict your opponents’ future moves.