Large Chess Pieces for Decoration: Our Top Picks

Chess games originated in India more than 1500 years ago, and since then, millions of people have practiced the game and come up with skill moves that guarantee your winning.

But having a chessboard at home isn’t just for playing the game, as some oversized pieces can totally transform the look of your interior. So, if you’re looking for large pieces for decoration, keep reading.

Top Picks for Large Chess Pieces for Decoration

Picking decorative items for your interior decoration is a matter of personal expression, as you want to choose pieces that you like and represent your energy and hobbies.

This is why selecting chess pieces for decoration can be an excellent choice if you’re fond of playing this game. Here are our top picks on the market.

1. Navaris Chess Statue Decor Piece

Use this 16-inch piece alone or with other chess pieces to elevate the look of any room in your space. It’s made of high-quality polyresin, so it stays shiny and scratch-free, and it’s available in white and black to suit every setup.

This white king has golden accents to suit traditional and eclectic design styles. It’s the perfect size to be used on the floor or a short table, and it weighs two pounds, so you can quickly move it around.

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If your piece wobbles a little, you can glue a wooden circle to the bottom to keep it level.

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2. Decorative Chess Bookends for Shelves

Do you want to display your chess books collection? Look no further because these bookends will keep your books in place and show how much you enjoy this game.

You will receive two chess pieces with flat sides to keep your books upright. Each one measures 7 X 7 X 4 inches, so they’re perfect for any shelf or tabletop. The pieces are made of high-quality resin with rubber bumpers to prevent them from sliding and protect your surfaces from scratches.

If you don’t want to use them to hold books, the two flat dies align perfectly to create an elegant chess combo. They might be too lightweight for some users, so ensure they’re perfectly placed to protect them from getting broken.

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3. Attatoy Plush Chess Pieces

If you’re worried that your kids might knock off and break your chess pieces, then these pieces are for you. These are two stuffed chess pieces, so you can keep one and give the other to the king or queen in your life.

They can be used as cushions, pillows, or decorative items in the living room or bedroom, and they won’t break or get damaged. Moreover, they feature a weighted base, so they can stand upright on any floor.

The king is about 14 inches high and weighs around 1.5 pounds, while the queen is about 12 inches high. They’re not machine-washable because they won’t dry completely. So, it’s best to spot-clean them and let them air dry.

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How to Choose Large Chess Pieces for Decoration?

When you’re picking chess pieces for decorative purposes, you want to ensure they will last for long and add the desired effect to your home or office. Here are some criteria to help you choose.


Choosing a sturdy material is definitely a big plus. Some people opt for plastic pieces because they’re cheaper and easier to clean. But resin, wood, and metal pieces are sturdier.

Moreover, wood and metal have an authentic feel and look, so they will totally transform the look of your interior. You might be putting these pieces on a chessboard or a tabletop. So, make sure that they have a felt bottom to prevent scratching.

Some people also prefer chess plush toys or stuffed pieces. These are perfect for a household with kids and can be used as cushions or pillows.


Of course, you’re looking for large pieces to attract attention and show how much you like chess. But you should consider how big these pieces will be and if they will suit your space.

You can choose a bigger design if you place one chess piece as a central piece on a table. You can also use it as a focal point inside a room. Some pieces are large but not massive. These can be used together to create an imaginary chess game, or you can create the perfect combo of your favorite pieces.

In general, you should study the vertical and horizontal space available before you pick a spot for your chess piece. You should also consider all the other decorative items you use in the same space.

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Traditionally, chess pieces come in two colors; black and white. But some can also be beige and brown or silver and gray.

Having so many options is actually a big plus because you can pick a giant chess piece that matches your décor. It can also be an excellent addition to your decorative theme after choosing the right material.

So, for example, if you follow a boho decorative style, you can pick a beige or brown wooden piece. A black or silver metal one will be an excellent addition to your industrial or modern interior.


In every chess game, each of the 16 pieces plays a significant role. You might be interested in what each piece means when you’re picking decorative chess pieces.

Most people pick the king, the queen, or the knight. However, some people might be interested in picking the bishop or the versatile pawn. You can create a mix of your favorite pieces for a personalized display.

Wrap Up

Large chess pieces can be the perfect addition to your office, bedroom, game room, or wherever you want to add a unique decoration piece. Luckily, there are different materials and designs to choose from, so you pick the right one for your setup.

We chose the Navaris Chess Statue Decor Piece as our top pick, but you can also find other good options on the list if you’re not satisfied with this one.