The Best Star Wars Chess Set

Nowadays, chess is no longer just about the game. Unique chess sets have become home decor, collectibles, and sometimes even investments. Many people seek to own a rare and unique chess set, even if they’re not exactly chess masters.

Some of the most sought-after sets are Star Wars chess sets. Any fan would instantly fall in love with these sets and buy them as rare collectibles or fun decor pieces.

They come in many varieties, but the best Star Wars chess set is the Royal Selangor Star Wars Classic Chess Set. However, it’s also the most expensive one on this list. But don’t worry, there are other options to choose from and find your one true chess set match!

What’s Special About a Star Wars Chess Set?

Star Wars chess sets, like any other franchise-based collectible product, have a few perks that set them apart from regular chess sets. These special perks include:

1. Keeping the Game Exciting

Playing with regular chess pieces may become a tad bit mundane as you use these pieces more often. Over time, you might start feeling that the game is dull. There’s nothing new about it to excite you.

This is where special chess pieces come in. They get to be customized to your liking and they perfectly match your vibe. Any Star Wars hardcore fan would love to use a Star Wars chess set, even if they’re not that good at playing chess. It won’t really matter to them.

That’s the magic of themed chess sets! Some Star Wars fans might even start learning chess so that they could enjoy their special chess set with their friends.

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2. Featuring All Star Wars Characters

All of your favorite Star Wars characters from all three trilogies are made as miniature chess pieces. Each version of the Star Wars chess set comes with its specific set of characters as chess pieces.

That way, you could choose the set with your favorite characters, or you could just buy all versions and low-key be obsessed about every piece just like us!

3. Unique and Expensive Collectibles

Rare and unique collectibles are considered a brilliant investment for your money. The older your Star Wars chess set is, the more valuable and expensive it becomes — it ages like fine wine.

Of course, along with the age of your chess set, these collectible pieces increase in value when they’re made of durable material and stored in perfect condition. The better the quality of your chess set, the more money it’ll make over time.

For these three reasons, you’ll usually find most Star Wars chess sets out of stock almost everywhere. So, if you have a specific set in mind, we recommend you watch it closely to secure your chess set once it’s restocked.

Best Star Wars Chess Sets

We’ve gathered the top three best-selling Star Wars chess sets for you to choose from. These sets vary in material, characters, and prices.

Let’s check them out!

Best Quality: Royal Selangor Star Wars Classic Chess Set

This chess set is made from high-quality pewter to stand the test of time. The Royal Selangor Star Wars classic chess set is made with extreme attention to detail. Each piece of this chess set is meticulously hand-finished by experienced artisans.

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This unique chess set features enemy forces from episodes IV, V, and VI. The rebel alliance is represented as light pieces, with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia as king and queen, and Chewbacca and Han as bishops.

On the dark side of the tempered glass board, you’ll find the Imperial Alliance. Darth Vader and Leader Snoke are represented as king and queen, royal guards as bishops, and an army of Stormtroopers as pawns.

Additionally, the pewter in this set prevents the pieces from toppling over and helps them stay in place. That way, you won’t worry about pieces falling over while playing.

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Best Price: Star Wars Chess Game

This Star Wars chess game scores the lowest price on the list. It has little figurines of the Imperial characters on the black side and the Rebel characters on the white side.

The price of this chess set and the variety of its pieces make it the best chess set for Star Wars fans who are looking for a budget-friendly chess set. It could also make a delightful gift for a young child who’s obsessed with Star Wars.

P.S. It doesn’t have to be a young child!

Some users have reported that the only problem with this chess set is that the pieces are made from very light materials that tend to fall off.

That may be frustrating for some players, but when comparing the price of the chess set vs. the chess set’s quality and design, you’ll notice you’re getting a great deal.

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Best Handmade: Star Wars Mandalorian Chess Set

The unique design of this handmade Mandelorian chess set is out of this world. The best thing about this chess set is that you can choose between copper and silver, black and white, or gold and bronze chess pieces.

Additionally, these chess pieces are designed to have a broad, flat base to stop them from tumbling all over the board while playing.

So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind chess set to break the boredom of a regular set and grab everyone’s attention without breaking the bank, this is the chess set for you!

Wrapping Up

In concussion, Star Wars chess sets come in a wide variety of options for you to choose from. They come with different characters from each Star Wars trilogy, various materials, and a spectrum of price tags.

That way, every Star Wars fan can easily own a unique Star Wars chess set. We hope you find the Star Wars chess set — or sets — that perfectly suits you and has all your favorite characters. May the force be with you.