Exploring the Top 5 Best LEGO Chess Sets: From Bricks to Checkmate

What happens when you combine a timeless strategy game and a timeless brick-building toy brand? You get LEGO chess sets! However, it’s hard to choose the top 5 best chess sets.

LEGO has released multiple sets since 2005, with different themes and designs. These themed sets include medieval knights, pirates, and even the famous franchise Harry Potter.

In this article, let’s dive into the fascinating history of LEGO chess sets and explore the most popular sets available today.

History of LEGO Chess Sets

Before we dive into our review of the top LEGO chess sets on the market, let’s look back into their history.

Before the company broke into the physical chess set market in 2005, the company first released a video game in 1998 – aptly named LEGO Chess.

In the story mode, players first get to choose the theme, Western or pirate theme. It consists of three games, the next one much harder than the previous one.

In the Western theme, the sheriff has to catch all of the bandits, and in the pirate theme, the soldier has to get to the treasures before the pirates do. After completing the gameplay, players have the option to print a certificate.

Chess enthusiasts and video game critics regarded this game with positive reviews. One reason for this is the game shows all the possible movements when you click on a piece, effectively teaching beginners and intermediate players about the game.

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Top 5 Best LEGO Chess Sets

In this section, we’ll look into our top picks for the best LEGO chess sets. It includes the classic Iconic Chess Set and themed sets like the Pirates Chess Set.

1. LEGO Iconic Chess Set

As the name already implies, the LEGO Iconic Chess Set uses classic bricks. With around 1450 pieces in the entire set, you have to build your chessboard and chess pieces from scratch!

Once you build everything, the chessboard comes up to around 10″ in size. What’s more, it features a compartment that you can open so you can store your chess pieces inside when the board is not in use.

The LEGO Iconic Chess Set can be played by anyone aged 9 and above. Aside from chess, you can also use this set to play checkers! Cool, isn’t it? This chess set appeals to individuals who like building sets and playing chess.

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2. LEGO Hogwarts Wizard’s Chess

If you’re anything close to a Potterhead, the chess battle scene in Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone would have had you grabbing the edge of your seats!

To commemorate one of the most intense scenes in the whole franchise, LEGO released the Hogwarts Wizard’s Chess set. This allows Harry Potter and LEGO fans to recreate the scenes in the comfort of their homes.

The set includes 876 pieces, complete with decor from the chamber, and tiny wizards aged 10 and above can help build this magical wonder. Further, the 32 buildable chess pieces would stand on a black and white checked chessboard that measures 10.5×10.5 inches.

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Of course, the three protagonists, Harry, Hermione, and Ron, are included in the set as highly-detailed LEGO minifigures. As a bonus, you also get a Golden Severus Snape minifigure and 3 (out of 16 total) random wizard tiles to collect!

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3. LEGO Pirates Chess Set

Ahoy, Matey! Let’s set sail and embark on an adventure with this beach-themed Pirate chess set.

The feature that sets this chess set apart is it includes 20 minifigures that also become part of the 32 chess pieces. The minifigures include various characters such as crew members, first mates, and captains.

The Pirate vs. Navy factions of this set make for exciting gameplay, as players can build different scenarios as they engage in battles.

Moreover, the 9”x14” chessboard consists of various maritime-related designs, featuring navy or pirate elements, such as treasure chests, cannons, and flags. This buildable chess set has 857 pieces and can be played by children aged 7 and up!

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4. LEGO Kingdoms Chess Set

The LEGO Kingdoms chess set elevates this board game to another level. With the addition of different medieval elements, players are immersed in the worlds of knights and royalties.

The set only has 328 LEGO pieces, which makes it easier for kids 6 and up, to help build it. Once built together, the 13.5” square chessboard boasts details such as castle walls and towers.

Additionally, the set includes 28 minifigures, so you don’t have to build most chess pieces. The only chess pieces you have to put together are the Rooks, which are already colored to represent their teams.

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Whether you go for the red and white order or the black and green company, you’re sure to have a unique experience with this medieval-themed chess set.

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5. LEGO Knights Kingdom Chess Set

If you’re looking for a fancy medieval chess set, this one’s for you. The chessboard is simple, flat, and black and white. However, the intricacy of the chess pieces makes up for the board’s simplicity.

On one part of the board, the minifigures are blue and gray, and they carry crossbows as weapons against their enemies. On the other side, the red and black colored pieces are wielding battle axes.

Once you’re done playing strategic battles, the chess pieces have their storage. Just like the LEGO Kingdoms Chess Set, players can create stories during gameplay. This adds to the medieval setting of the board.

This chess set is suitable for medieval fans, both young and adults. Aside from the ease of build, the chessboard’s visual appeal sets the mood for combat between opposing groups.

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LEGO chess sets have gained popularity due to the interesting aspect of building your chessboard and pieces before diving into strategic gameplay. For anyone passionate about both LEGO and chess, these sets are a must-have for their collections.

Additionally, the availability of different themes also caters to those who are fans of each theme. No matter if you’re a fan of Harry Potter, medieval knights, or pirates, there’s a chess set for you.

Further, whether you’re an expert brick builder or a chess wizard, LEGO chess sets allow you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world where creativity meets intellect.